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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

after all the fussing

turns out, after extensively taking many upon many personality tests, that somehow i am a mix between dependent and aggressive, anxious and passive, but a theme that held constant: i am intense in my sexuality. good news, huh? go here. and have fun.
today, i haven't felt like doing anything and so, as a direct result, i haven't. i have piles of biblical archeaology homework to finish -- don't worry, haven't done it. about 100 pages to read in research -- not thinking about it. (and the list goes on) instead, i play football and get farther along in my book (not homework books, either). i don't really want to do school right now. i hate it when these weeks just pop up, usually they are on the busiest days.... i must have some sort of welcome sign for deviant homework spirits to enter my body and bargain with my brain. "don't do the assigned reading!" they say... "play with personality tests or write andy a note," they continue.... and you know, after all the fussing -- i throw my hands up in defeat. welcome to my world.


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