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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

we're a beer commerical waiting to happen

so, i'm sitting down and having a snack before work tonight with heather... she and i now work together in the library at the same time on tuesdays -- okay, so we're in a common lounge-ish area type place for food and tv. and right in front of us is, brace yourself now, the season premier of ONE TREE HILL! seriously. i suppose maybe it's my outlook on certain things, but i just didn't think that shows like this would actually still be in existence. i thought maybe that lame phase died out with Melrose Place or... 90210. guess i was mistaken. don't get me wrong, i liked 90210, but i was 12. i didn't know better. these people watching the show (heather and i included) are college students -- i am pretty sure the girl next to us was irritated with our poking-funs and jestings -- we just couldn't help ourselves. at one point, this bubbly brunette was convincing an apparently troubled blonde to just go out and have fun on this awesome YACHT... she said, "look at this, look at us, we're a beer commerical waiting to happen!" i swear, and when i swear, i swear by the moon and the stars in the sky, that if ANY of my friends said something like that to me with any sort of sincerity-- blood would be shed. seriously.
so, it's approaching 2am and i am just now starting to wind down. i have been hyper actively going through my day -- which is good since today was a spill over from yesterday on the busy-ness scale. i, however, shall let everyone know -- i got everything that needed to be done completed... i, of course, did that so the next time ONE TREE HILL is on, i'll be able to watch it without interruptions. okay, like what-evER!


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