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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

2 kids on a couch

another week has started. this is, or was a few hours ago, monday -- and i already fell like i could violently and repeatedly stab someone or something until i ran out of breath. yeah, i'm pretty busy. and busy days seem to fall on melancholy days, reinforcing the idea that doing stuff is lame. i woke up yesterday morning with an eerie feeling that i was forgetting something - and not just something like "i forgot to feed my fish" something... i had suspicions that whatever i was ambiguously anxious about was big. never really placed it, so i dismissed it. until i woke up this morning the exact same way. i'm having a harder time just forgetting about it. if i'm honest, though, i'm having a harder time with just about everything. except with nicole. i like her. she lives two doors to my left (if one is looking straight on to my door)... she randomly gives herself nicknames. zizou (zee-zoo) is the newest one. after the french soccer player, of course. she works at a local boys and girls club - i'm convinced she's going to be the mom on the block all the kids are in love with, but at the same time are a little scared of. so, she comes home from work with wonderful stories that set some moments ablaze with laughter -- other times, her stories are L O N G, but that just adds to the greatness. you know how it is when sometimes things that would ordinarily cause you to go batty with strangers just emphasize personalities that you love with close friends? i love this about her. about all my friends really. maybe one day all of our little quirks will cause everyone else to go insane, but we'll still be there -- laughing pretty hard. because that's what we do most of the time -- we laugh. and the fact that everyone else will just be utterly annoyed will just enhance the funny-ness. hopefully that'll happen. the more i think about the more i feel like that's probably a great idea.
i miss andy, though. i miss his nose. his nose, from underneath, (because that's where i am since i'm only a short thing, under his nose,) is shaped like a spade. it's nice. he can stick a quarter in his nostril - long ways. and when he sings, he flares his nostrils - reminds me of a bird somehow.... not his nose, just the flaring. like, he's about to embark in flight (but only it's song). i like him -- i remember the day i decided to love him, his nose was frozen with snot. i wasn't sad that day.


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