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Thursday, September 16, 2004

that's not the question

i'm small. that's that. i just am. and along with that, i am easily amused. i especially like real corny (most of the 'people roll their eyes at these') jokes-- and when i laugh, usually i laugh loud. i don't do the "oh-haha, that was cute" it's either funny or not... it's usually never in the middle. with me, it's extremes. (operative word is 'usually'.. not always..) seriously. i mean... i have my mediocre days, don't get me wrong -- but when those come, i have my friends to even things out. everything with us is contagious.... and speaking of, i have a raw throat and gallons of gelatin flem, the bad news is - everyone else is sick or getting that way... anna and heather for sure -- but on to the good news -- i am a major baby when i don't feel well. anyone can contest. and so all this to say: i am one way OR i am the other. take parking lots for example -- this is where i am most callous. dirty glares galore... hilarious, i'm sorry, it really is.. and malls. i hate going to malls. mostly, i despise girls in clothes that cover only 1/8 of their flesh... so, if you're a scantily clothed girl driving in a mall parking lot, you watch out...
and now that you know this, please know that i have rubbed off on my sweet, red-headed roommate. heather. she's a self-proclaimed delicacy. very petite, of a pleasant dispostion, looks like a ballerina... frequently stays quiet more than she talks (unless in the haven of our home). and last weekend or the weekend before (i can't quite remember), she actually threatened a girl in our mall's food court. she told this high schooler that she'd beat her up. she gave heather a dirty look after bumping into her -- and heather threatened her. which is funny, but usually that's my part. but i'll gladly share it. and honestly, i don't know if either she or i would ever really truly punch someone's face, but i know we'd both like to. that's not the question here, the question is: how many people can we intimidate? two small girls with a cynical outlook. we're probably just a bunch of hot air.


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