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Saturday, September 18, 2004

mike lewis and that followeth

the weather was pleasant today -- and strangely enough, it matched my disposition. the sunshine inspired me and my dear heather to have many adventures in down town ft. wayne... and through this, i indirectly met a 40 year old man named Mike Lewis. sort of met, but more, went swimming in his past. we were sifting through old post cards, some used some not, in this extra awesome antique store. while doing this, heather discovered a post card from Haiti... heather loves haiti, so she studied it more. and on the back, it was written to a Mike Lewis around 1983 from his g'ma and g'pa on his dad's side. we both thought that this whole concept of taking a slice of someone's history was rad. except, it gets way better... we kept finding them - to mike lewis from g'ma and g'pa. they spanned the decade of the 80's. from 1979 - 1990. all through this, we learned that he lived in cuyhago falls in ohio, then findley, ohio around 84. he enlisted in the army as a Private First Class in Oklahoma, married a Linda, lost his grandfather, and moved back to the same street he lived on in Findley when he was younger. we learned allof this through his sweet grandmother's writing, who was extremely fond of traveling the world... Haiti, canada, mississippi, florida et cetera... this might be the best thing that has happened to me for a while. i feel like some sort of detective, or a historian or both... it may not seem exciting, but i just keep thinking about this man, whomever he may be and the beautiful woman who was faithful in sending her grandson notes... i fell in love with these people...
so, besides my ever constant running nose and violent sneezing -- i can just sigh, take one of those deep "i'm not the only person in the world" breaths and think about the lives that run parallel to mine, but they live in a whole different zone... the zone that is their own lives... pretty crazy.


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