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Friday, September 24, 2004

fire hot or mild - firey hot model.

today, after 2pm, i will be on the road to chicago. with every passing minute my excitement level heightens -- no kidding. but, really, back to the reason i'm up so early: i have a test to take before 9am. except, my professor isn't in her office -- thus i was forced to a computer lab. not a big deal, i say as the information is leaking out of my ears and into oblivion. it doesn't really help that i'm extra tired. a) i never, hardly EVER get up this early. in my college career (since sophomore year) i have gotten up before 8 only a handful of times... and b) i stayed up ridiculously late last night having a really really good time. i had class until 9pm, i worked from 10-11, then anna, lynsi, heather and i went to wal-mart about 25 minutes away. doesn't sound like too much fun, but with those girls -- shoveling crap would be a blast. after getting the merch i needed, we stopped at taco bell, well, because it was nearly 1230am and we were hungry... why else. and the most absurd thing happened.. absurd but cool that is... we got 4 extra tacos. FOUR. we got our whole order, everything was in there, and FOUR EXTRA TACOS. we didn't know this til we were about 20 seconds away and i was like, WHAT? so, to say the least, we ate to our fill. let me tell you, last night was a good night to be alive. and now in just a few short moments, i'm going to be taking a test, wishing i was eating some tacos.. maybe not tacos, but definately doing something other than regurgitating this information i barely know. after the exam, however, the count down is on. i get to see andy tonight -- and that's a whole other reason i cherish life. wow, this weekend's going to be good.


At 6:48 AM, Blogger Tim said...

I'm glad you get to see Andy tonight! I hope the two of you have a wonderful time!

At 10:33 PM, Blogger erica*ann said...

thanks!! that really means a lot... for real.


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