drops of thoughts...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

that's duck-tastic

last night i was talking to a great friend of mine.. about relationships and messy life and messy relationship life and relationships that make life messy...
and i reflected,

"it seems i'm always having a hard time with life"

and he responded,

"that's because you're alive."

and that.. right there, almost made me cry. ((but shhh, he doesn't know that.))

Monday, December 26, 2005

after christmas gas

still in wisconsin -- with a belly ache and sore throat. at least i have this cat and this brother! ((that likes to blow gas))

Thursday, December 22, 2005

navigate inside of the blue

i have to set personal limits for myself... i'm not kidding. i know it sounds new agey, do-it-yourselfy, but i am just not kidding. First limitation this Holiday season: absolutely NO MORE Extreme Makeover Home Edition. that's really the only one i've got so far.
so.. for my faithful readers, i am back in Wisconsin. if you have a weak memory, you must remember to last december... it was sad. but this december is way better. i don't know... maybe i'm moreof myself than last year. but then again, it could just be a thin atmosphere tonight letting happiness flakes fall into my hair unknowingly. i suppose we'll see.. i've got 6 days left. i'm looking forward to them, so BOOYAH.
i have two things to say -- and we all know it'll end up being longer.
1)today is my dad's bday. he would've been 42. i miss him lots. chapters in my life would be different if he was still kicking it.
2) when i worked at varsity photo, i always spelled Forward wrong wheni typed them on the back of soccer trading cards (or TCs).. andi think everyone blamed this other worker. i never told. haha.

i miss andy-- and my home. oh yeah.. check out my house blog: 419
i should go now.

Friday, December 16, 2005

tie nails

the snow flakes were big as cotton balls today--
they littered my hair in my rear view mirror. it was funny.
christmas is hilarious and stressful - not like those snowflakes.
my roommates and i have a house blog - you should see it:

my job is starting to be real as soon as christmas is over. hooray for healthy families -- and for my new polo.
who knows.

i miss paco...

how long have you been reading, mystery man? you make me blush.