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Thursday, July 27, 2006

numero dos: my birthday, come and gone

paco left on 7/17. rip my heart, please.

i was assuring my mister that things aren't changing for the worst.. and i said, he'll come back.. he said something like it's not just paco now, it's paco forever. it'll always be paco. and so, driving home on july 15, 2006 i wrote a poem, and gave it to paco on the day before i turned 23, the day before silver turned another year, the day before he flew away.

the clouds don't know
that they may be in danger.
slowly destroyed by leaky and selfish emission.

they know how to sway
they know how to fade
they know how to spit
they know how to roll
with righteous rage
(but still roll)
they know how to pit
and patter
and splatter the sky
they know how to be full
or sparse.
they know how to be.

My Prayer: Make me a cloud being in the form
that i am at that moment -no less than just

Reprise: but just on the days
i need to be.


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