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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Last weekend, oh last weekend... my heart is still pumping hard for boys with wings and songs.
sufjan stevens in the eqyptian room at the murat... what a way to spend a saturday.

sure, there are a few things that irritated the pants of me.. like the three blondes and the burnette seated directly ahead of me. one had a j.lo hat on and the other three were cookie cutters of the perfect emo girl. (delia's, watch out.) and every time the beautiful band did something that was different from the album cut, there were snickers and giggles and wide eyed, like, i can't believe that they are veering from the album, looks back and forth. however, despite the doings of a clan of 16 year old girls, i couldn't let them steal my joy. i just couldn't.

a buffet of mind blowing tunes were erupting out of the piano, from the banjo, escaping from the violins... and it was like angels everytime that boy opened his mouth. he was right when he deemed himself the majestic songbird, because he was.

is. because he is.

the set was a sundry of songs revisited,(one new addition) and might i add, nearly all my favorite songs. when he prefaced the predatory wasp with an exaggerated story, i hopped the first plane to euphoria. because it was just that good.. story and song. (song was better).. a volcanoe and goodness, much noise seeping together to make beautiful music.

thank god for that boy, his creativity and ability to story tell... and composition.

let's not forget that.



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