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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Last night, or very early this morning, as i was laying in bed wondering why i have become so addicted to "grey's anatomy", i figured it out. I swam past the obvious thoughts of witty dialouge, smart acting, and charming character development.

It's emotional attachment.

I do realize that I, erica anderson, am a very emotional person... but this goes far beyond my little sphere of self.

These people, fake medical interns, residents and attendings, bartenders and patients... these fake not real people are all based on very real and tangible emotions that all, every single one of us, feel at one point or another.. exaggerated or not... and these people acting out these emotions are right here in our homes. Every Thursday night right on time. These interns, residents, attendings, bartenders and patients will never stand us up (until the end of the season). they reside in our homes, in our hearts... in our televisions. We can sit in our pjs and sip tea while we are falling in love with these fake lives that are becoming real, comfortably.

Characters in TV shows become part of our homes... unlike movie stars. Movie stars are big time guys and girls who do one movie (or a string of really bad movies) and that's it... the movies end and end. when an episode of tv ends, we wait until next week, where we will inevitably be on our couches.. watching.

I do, in my very limited knowledge of pop culture, believe that is one reason why MOST (i do say MOST) tv stars don't make it in movies ALL that much. We do expect a role for them to play. Fox Mulder hunts aliens and loves Dana Scully -- he does not love Minnie Driver who has his dead wife's heart. You know? we see them for years and years, anticipate seasons upon seasons of them in a certain role. Movies don't fit, for the majority.

But a good deal of my love for grey's is witty dialouge, smart acting and charming character development.

so there.


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