drops of thoughts...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


it's raining here, too, i said aloud.. it's been a constant rain all day. i've decided rain days are good bed days.
i can do bed days now that i'm unemployed.
i feel adventurous today. i want to trudge around in cold rain - discover new lands - fall madly in love with someone and then get my heart ripped apart -- and start brand new. that's how i feel today -- raw. and vulnerable.
damn you, rain days... for making me feel so fresh.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

mrs. leew

tonight i rode home, the long way, in a borrowed station wagon with the windows down... conscious of everything. thinking about all the secrets i have, all the secrets i have had... all the secrets i have not kept... there's a lot there.

there is this house on the south-west part of town that has a red door... with a bundle of indian corn tacked to the front. what if martin luther decided instead to nail autumn decorations to the doors' of churches? how different would things be?

tonight, i played hookey - that's a secret. a selfish one --

november 3rd. my, how fast time is flitting by... bon voyage, time. be sure to write. tell me all the things i'm missing.