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Thursday, December 22, 2005

navigate inside of the blue

i have to set personal limits for myself... i'm not kidding. i know it sounds new agey, do-it-yourselfy, but i am just not kidding. First limitation this Holiday season: absolutely NO MORE Extreme Makeover Home Edition. that's really the only one i've got so far.
so.. for my faithful readers, i am back in Wisconsin. if you have a weak memory, you must remember to last december... it was sad. but this december is way better. i don't know... maybe i'm moreof myself than last year. but then again, it could just be a thin atmosphere tonight letting happiness flakes fall into my hair unknowingly. i suppose we'll see.. i've got 6 days left. i'm looking forward to them, so BOOYAH.
i have two things to say -- and we all know it'll end up being longer.
1)today is my dad's bday. he would've been 42. i miss him lots. chapters in my life would be different if he was still kicking it.
2) when i worked at varsity photo, i always spelled Forward wrong wheni typed them on the back of soccer trading cards (or TCs).. andi think everyone blamed this other worker. i never told. haha.

i miss andy-- and my home. oh yeah.. check out my house blog: 419
i should go now.


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