drops of thoughts...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

just another heartache on my list

i have a small child inside of my heart - except, little by little, i have to peel away the pieces of hurt, unbundle her arms and just hug her... i feel like right now, though, she's still balled up in the corner, with only maybe her head peeking up like a tiny sparrow.

i have a long way to go.

tomorrow starts the Tennessee and Great Western Adventure vacations. i'm excited and anxious and tired-already. it'll be fun and relentless and then fun again before i know it. And when i come home, i have a job. i am erica anderson and employed full time with Varsity Photos. i know. its not the social changing phenomenon i had hoped for - sooner or later, though. hopefully more sooner than later.

i miss something right now. i'm lonesome and homesick and have swollen feet. maybe i should lay off the long islands for now.

farewell until the west is discovered by western virgin eyes.

Friday, July 08, 2005

super summer shades

so, a quick update as i touch base at the home hub before a whirl of travel - yet again.

today andy and i are going to chicago to move out the his remaining pieces of life that litter 1545 Pratt Ave apt 103. this is exciting for me - mainly for one reason: i never ((if i don't want to)) have to go to chicago again. august 30, 2004 might have been one of the darkest days in our relationship -- and now, that damn year in that windy city is only a sweet salt memory in the eye of the beholder. and now - full freaking steam ahead.

next, we are going to huntington to unload his stuff - but more importantly while in huntington ((sunday, mon. tues)) i just might have a thick job offer. keep your fingers crossed. but more excitingly - next wednesday i have a hair apt. then on thrusday - dale hollow lake, TN until the following fri and then, people, the GREAT WESTERN ADVENTURE -2005.

a few downfalls plague my summer, tho not many. 1) we are missing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2) we are missing Wedding Crashers and lastly but most sadly 3) we are missing the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince release. and that breaks my heart!
so, i'll touch base when i can... but i'm going to have so much damn fun i can't even stand it.

sorry, dusty. looks like I WIN

Saturday, July 02, 2005

giant book of the awesome

so - andy bought a book tonight - 'a fortress of solitude' by john lethem - sounds real damn interesting -- covers class issues, poverty, gentrification et cetera et cetera in a fiction story. anyone who knows me and knows me well understands that i revel in fiction.. i take baths in its frothy goodness. as well, anyone who knows me the least bit understands that i dig social issues... so, these things - together - praises the LORD with my soul. good stories just make me breathe better. honestly. i breathe with sweet nectar lungs when i'm reading a great story. so - in a round about way, what i'm saying is this.. i can't wait to read it.

tomorrow - we are going to pensacola beach to maybe get bit by a shark... and other things, too.. but hopefully the shark thing will fly. also, i wanted to say this is my first out of three vacations i'm taking this summer - and even though i'm a jobless bastard - i know you all are jealous..

recent purchases: 1 cowboy hat for the outwest trip, one brown tank top for the hell of it, 2 tubs of Fossil Fuel Ben and Jerry's.