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Saturday, July 02, 2005

giant book of the awesome

so - andy bought a book tonight - 'a fortress of solitude' by john lethem - sounds real damn interesting -- covers class issues, poverty, gentrification et cetera et cetera in a fiction story. anyone who knows me and knows me well understands that i revel in fiction.. i take baths in its frothy goodness. as well, anyone who knows me the least bit understands that i dig social issues... so, these things - together - praises the LORD with my soul. good stories just make me breathe better. honestly. i breathe with sweet nectar lungs when i'm reading a great story. so - in a round about way, what i'm saying is this.. i can't wait to read it.

tomorrow - we are going to pensacola beach to maybe get bit by a shark... and other things, too.. but hopefully the shark thing will fly. also, i wanted to say this is my first out of three vacations i'm taking this summer - and even though i'm a jobless bastard - i know you all are jealous..

recent purchases: 1 cowboy hat for the outwest trip, one brown tank top for the hell of it, 2 tubs of Fossil Fuel Ben and Jerry's.


At 2:23 AM, Anonymous Paco said...

Jonthan Lethem rules both seriously and bad!! I was going to bring one of his books to afghanistan but ty lost it. he is the author of my favorite short story which you should try to find. its called "five fucks" read it today! I love you and your the reality in which you dwell or are at least supposed to reside in reguluary!


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