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Sunday, October 03, 2004

train, blocks away...

the window is open - and the slight breeze tickles the hair on my arms. i am alone. cars keep buzzing by and the sound of voices carry up from the valley ball game across the street. the sky is peculiar - not as brilliant as evenings past, but nonetheless beautiful in it's calmness - everything outside has a dingy glow. the 630 bell has just chimed and i am still alone -- still sad.
he left me about 3 hours ago. the walkmen on the radio, his hand out the window and my heart trailing after him. he has this way about him - that i desire to be near. i count down the days. i tend to lean towards my weakness while he's gone. he energizes me by simply making me smile. but, in my pathetic state, i am not smiling now and the world goes by outside this window. he's driving further and further away, he's somewhere on 94 listening to music, i'm here (the constant) listening to the noises as the sky falls into darkness. i type, he drives, a train flies by a few blocks away...the sound waves travel to me


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