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Saturday, October 02, 2004

montana smith

it's been a full day since anna has been in alpha chi, nine days since lynsi aced a religion's exam, three days since heather visited the junkyard for her sculpture class (she scored some awesome metal scrapes, she said "if clouds were metal, these would be them") , an hour and half since nicole has been in utter bliss (sean came up) and just a few minutes ago since i last saw andy.... and it's one of those lazy saturdays. the ones when just sitting around makes the heart happy. currently, i am tip-typing on anna's new mac, heather is shuffling poker chips on anna's desk, lynsi is finishing spanish homework and anna is reading for her world masterpieces class. andy is over in aaron's room waiting for open dorms... i like when he's here. i feel at home at home. earlier, he and i were in the library -- just searching around the world. but now, magnetic fields is daintily playing from this computer... and i'm okay. with pretty much everything. my melancholy moods have been swept away by autumn winds... at least for the weekend.


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