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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

traces of blues

tonight was the first night that my bones ached from the cold -- tonight was the first night that my heart lay bleeding and freezing on the night-time ground. i didn't cry. i did nothing instead. i wanted to get in my car and follow the low set marigold moon to chicago. i did nothing instead. it's one of those under-the-covers nights, one of those drippy-noses nights, i like him under the covers.
chicago seems so forlorn, he is the only shred of humanity that ties that city to the earth... but, not close enough on this earth.
today was bland, routine. the sky decided to be spunky with her clouds, then, she became tired, drizzled to a faultless blue as evening came. as the day wore on, i, too, became tired, drizzled down to a grayish blue...
i sigh alone.


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