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Friday, October 08, 2004

grassy suicidal heaven

there's this field... and it's vividly green. flimsy petal poppies littering the heres and theres of the ins and outs. no rocks, maybe just around the gate that leads into this field. the gate, (beautiful thing, really) is rusted just around the hinges. visitors aren't that frequent, so the grass has grown over the once worn path. there's this chain that hangs loosely on the latch, and she clinks and clanks and sings everytime the wind blows. i'm going to this field tomorrow around 1 oclock after i murder myself. research test.
though, after, i get to see andy. aaron and i are going up to chicago to meet their parents for a nice leisurely weekend. and being that i'm not in a poetic typing mood... i must update after the visit. then, more than likely, i'll be sad again. i write the best when i'm sad.


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