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Thursday, October 07, 2004

denison witmer night

today was a barefoot day. and i decided to soak up the dying summer through the soles of my feet... a warm-side-walk kind of day. it was nice. a leaf fell as i walked to work early evening, stem first. he twisted and fluttered down to the already heavily leafed ground. the strange thing about this leaf -- i saw it fall. i watched his semi-graceful semi-awkward plunge; in one instant i felt my heart smile and become heavy with his grief. i don't know why i do that -- personify objects and then empathize, but i do. i suppose that's one of my vices.
the apocalyptic red tree across the lake is becoming vividly crimson with every fleeting moment of the summer sun. the trees next to him are experiencing a metamorphosis to pale yellows and oranges, so the blaringly red leaves are beautifully obvious... i like it. it's one of those things that make me love living -- that tree in all his red glory.
i like warm-side-walk days, and g'ma myers' blankets, i like andy's feet under those blankets, and holding his hand when we're cold.
it's a denison witmer night -- a poetic ending to a barefoot day.


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