drops of thoughts...

Friday, June 23, 2006

street fair

take this funnel cake, america
jam packed with powdered sugar
don't forget to wipe your mouth
and shake out your beard.

the colors are melting in the background
they mix with the people the games the sounds.
it smells like you, america.

it'll only cost you $30.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


my three favorite pictures at this moment in time.
i wish i had a poem for each, but i don't... i just have a poem called Dice and watersports for the landscape picture:
his fingernail is pompeii purple
first the thumb, then his pinky,
but only on the left.
she rolled good dice with
sun burned knees.
she was successful today
with those knees!
"it's our day for dice and
watersports," she said through
a cloud white smile.

el fin.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

gin and juice.. or just a gin and tonic

at fingers length
the clouds stand
as an architectural castle...

here and then changing and then gone.

el fin

ladies and gentlemen, left to my own devices i create absurd, semi-beautiful semi-raunchy but always amazing somewhat disturing thoughts. and at times, like right now.. i want to always blog. diary my life like it's something important. like i have something new (or at least a regurgitation of old ideas in refreshing ways) to say. id on't. but i do want to blog more. i should. except where's the time??? i worked 11 hrs. today. and i'm beat.
i'll try. no promises.

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thank you and amen