drops of thoughts...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

hurry and love

good news! good news!
we, the occupants of 419 E. tipton, are having a fall party on october 22 to celebrate the autumn harvest. there will be a bountiful feast of fingerfoods and fellowship. come one.. come all.. bring some friends.. and come at 7 pm. also, if you need some help getting here... or want to shower me with gifts.. email me at : ericaannanderson@gmail.com or my friend anna at : annalee@huntington.edu

everyone who reads this should come for sure. please please please. who doesn't love fall harvest? and pumpkins?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

speaker fone on

i have decided about only a few things in my life. and since my list is very short tonight i'll share ((leaving out all religious items, in case of certain upsets)):
1) cheap wine is good
2) being lonely is bad (being alone is okay most of the time...lonely, though, equals deathly)
3) headaches are a pain, not only in the head, but also, in the ass
4) commas, sometimes, are the most senseless facet of the English language.
5) this picture of andy makes me happy.

goodnight, world.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

it's you

things have been blurry as of late. certain things i should consider poison - i don't.
a jealous rage, fists of metal, burning in my heart.... other times, though, contentment rests her head on my shoulder. umbrellas turning skeleton side first in the wind - but back to normal.
except, what if i don't ever get back to normal.
the sun hides my true face - it has to be gray before i ((anyone)) glimmer.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

swimming with snakes

these are just a few highlights from the summer time dale hollow adventure: the first... me and the mr.
that's me knee boarding.. after a 360. might not seem too hard.. but believe you me... oh.. it is! and also, we had one heck of a birthday party on thelake... i mean, can you blame us? a house boat, two birthdays.. we were bound to have some fun!