drops of thoughts...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

don't you worry

okay. i'm home. i'm concise right now due to circumstances that are NOW beyond my control... however, i have to say 3 (or approximatly 3) things...

#1. i read harry potter 6 - rock my world please.
#2. i saw mount rushmore and i'm dripping with hate
#3. any of these things that i should say might and probably will be expooounded on when i have the strength and energy and straightness
#4. i start a new job on tuesday... pray like hell for me. i don't want to lose this thing i was blessed with called love while i take photos for richies.
#5. i'm ready to go home and hang out with people... like, now.
#6. i already miss school - and the library. and i'm envious of people who have my old job... i might seek revenge ((sayeth the LoRD))