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Thursday, October 21, 2004

old cds and battle of the thermostats

here it is -- thrusday. i'm alone in the suite on thursdays. anna and heather have aesthetics, who in the world knows where everyone else is.. i think lynsi is designing her webpage and nicole, no one can keep tabs on her. (free spirit). so, i'm forced to put in a mix i made my senior year in high school called "the classics"... patsy cline romantically fills the air between my room and the next. (i'm on anna's mac -- don't tell. i just love the dainty click and tip of the typing). there's something about patsy followed by elton on a warmer than average, gray autumn day.
it has been cold. and right now, it's not. except everywhere on campus has the heat cranked, because, well, it's been cold. but now, it'sn ot. and i've been sweating all day. that's no good. it bothers me really. i couldn't take off my green sweater, because my brown t-shirt shows sweat (under my arms) - and thus, more sweating. bad cycle. vicious even.

besides being extremely disappointed with my school, this day has been okay. not a trivial okay... a for real and relaxed okay. that makes me glad. roy orbison now. i think i'll end with that --

is she walking back to me?


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