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Sunday, October 10, 2004


i am a gap toothed girl.

somehow, coming out of the bathroom late last night, i was nicknamed Frodo. between the blasting air conditioner and their barely audible, late night giggley comments and getting mashed with the remote controller, i managed to have your run of the mill hotel night.
i love hotel showers, mostly. steamy sauna bathroom mirror, red faced and satisfied. he loves cold hotel rooms, mostly. (funny, huh?)
the city, i must admit, was a bit enchanting yesterday afternoon... but again, cursed this evening. fortunately, tonight i still seem quite chipper. the drive wasn't lonely. aaron was with me - and so it is, this evening, i didn't cry lonesome tears... in aaron's awkward way, he slightly bandaged my wounded heart... something about those senter boys... something about the oldest of the two in autumn air.
with tired feet, we combed the city... and at train stops, when no one was looking, i breathed in, possibly as deep as i could, the smell from his shirt... he wore his gray hoodie. i wore my blue hoodie.

i am a gap toothed girl... and he makes me smile.


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