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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


i walked out the front doors of the library tonight -- after a fruitful two hours of work.. there was a slight mist. it reminded me of simple pleasures -- all within a few seconds each kiss of dainty rain reminded me... reminded me to breathe. it inspired this night to be a spin-around-in-the-rain night. and so i did (not in plain sight of course, i wanted this to be all mine.) i inhaled deeply, invigorating my senses, refreshed -- thousands of tiny, delicate water drops invaded my lungs -- they danced in and around my entire body. an eeire but romantic orange light flooded the almost wet sidewalk, my almost wet skin. a black sky floated above -- my heart was nearly there, so close. and among all this -- i (alone) skipped across the campus -- intimate with the night, the mist and myself. i like being reminded of things that are good.
but -- my hand went unheld. i wanted his arm hairs to glisten with the feather water...
instead -- away from me in a goliath city...

he reminds me of things that are good.


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to say, Erica, that I really enjoyed this post. I loved how your descriptive words painted a vivid picture in my mind of you dancing and skipping in the rain. I find myself many a time searching for the pefect word to express my current thought, idea, or emotion, and I'm usually left in disappointment with my English vocabulary. You're an encouragment and inspiration, and I thank you for that! Have a great day!

Your buddy,



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