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Monday, January 17, 2005

its you

to my unattentive weekend clothes, toothbrush, cell phone and charger, my current novel, a notebook with various notes on roman culture and doodles, a blinking whistle and my pipe cleaner flower (hanging from my rearview), and all the trash that litters my floor boards i gave my first concert. the set list was as follows:

mariah carrey - dream lover
roy orbison - pretty woman
modest mouse - track 1 on antarctica
some varied disney songs
-we're your friends
-part of your world
-oodelally (on robin hood)
-won't say i'm in love (hercules)
charlie daniels - devil went down to georgia
cher - in his kiss
some simon and garfunkel
various rap songs
book of love
sixteen candles
in the still of the night
some belle and sebastian
etcetera etcetera.

being a weary traveller late at night, with not even passing headlights to keep me company, i tend to sing extremely loud. last night i just pretended that i was on stage -- giving a kick ass concert. so, thanks goes out to the aforementioned audience, my emergency blanket, the lemon moon (who was my overseer), and the dancing mystery sky colors that i guessed (hoped) to be the northern lights that hung over Plymouth. thank you.

*start anew*


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