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Sunday, December 26, 2004

one more thing...

just as a touch of humor for the night --

this kid named blake marshall went to my high school -- we were friends. we did things like academic teams and yearbook, but he always liked me way too much. the boys he hung out with, the "popular kind", always made fun of him as some sort of deflection device and thought it was funny. i always thought he was above that.
moving along, he told me one time my sophomore year in college that he could see me being a perfect wife - now i admit, to some people that might be true -- seriously, though, not for him.. i think on my own, i have compassion for the poor people who get roped in to buying lottery tickets, mostly, i don't think that white, heterosexual, middle class men have it bad - there are just somethings we'd disagree on. however,i always thought he was a nice guy. i'm almost positive we could have stayed friends...
on his most recent post, however, he made public a little tiff we had about a christian college syndrome -- lots of people feel the necissity to marry, find a finacee, or be tied down before graduation from this small college.
as it happens, andy and i did meet via our school -- he wasn't a student when we started dating -- he was already graduated. i understand that it might seem like i can't be an advocate for waiting until after college, since i met andy while i was in college... but, i was just honestly giving him my true opinion.
and now, according to one of his friends, i don't have heart -- where i'm lacking there, i make up for with self-righteous piety, my friend anna, too. we suck and have no compassion at all.
funny how that works, i suppose.
so much for loving people.


At 9:14 PM, Blogger jonny said...

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At 9:21 PM, Blogger jonny said...

i read his blog....he didn't even deserve a comment. why waste precious words?

note: previous post deleted due to unnecessary and ubiquitous obsenities. all apologies.


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