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Friday, November 12, 2004

rich, white, heterosexual males

things should be much simpler.

an argument between an education major and i (sociology major) broke out tonight in my social problems class. it was mainly about capitalism and competetive natures within the educational system -- and how that directly was depleting funds and, essentially hope, for the poorer school districts. here is the odd thing: we were both on the same side. however, a little selfishness crept in the conversation and she thought i was ragging on education majors. (i wasn't.) she thought that when i said, in general (i emphasize,in general) people go to college to get degrees to go to suburbia, usa to get good teaching jobs to make money to pay the bills and live the (lame) American dream. and, in general, that is the case. she got defensive -- attacked me personally (i emphasize personally) and told me i had no right to judge (which i don't and i wasn't) and i should examine my own life and see how i can help. whoa is right. i looked this red-faced girl in her eyes from across the class room, because yes, she did call me out in front of everyone, and quite calmly stated that i was speaking in generals, sorry if i offended her, and if she was not talking with generalizations -- she has no right to examine my heart publically because she has no idea what sort of torment i go through trying to find ways to help people.
the room fell silent.
someone, from the back row, piped up and said that if we level the educational playing field, that'd be like Nazi Germany (so NOW i'm compared to hitler) and another person spoke up and voiced the concern of mediocrity.
let's talk about the brink of tears -- i was there.
the imaginary boot straps the affluent love to talk about really aren't there at all. it is not possible to break the cycle of poverty. it is not possible to break the cycle of poverty without help. and if the country's make-shift Hiltons think the other society can do it without help -- they are way wrong. the poor don't even have boots let alone boots with straps...
i am the ONLY conflict theoriest in there.
(i thought i should point that out)
i was a lone flicker of light on a windy hill.

so many people have jesus way wrong.

rich, white, heterosexual males and their kids. let's give them the praise.

ps. fallujah, my heart breaks for you and Palestine, for you - with you, i weep.


At 1:25 PM, Blogger jonny said...

it should be noted that leveling the educational playing field would be more akin to Communist Russia, and not Nazi Germany, so the moron in the back row should have compared you to Lenin and not Hitler ;) but he's a jackass just the same.

keep on questioning (and pissing people off). Lord knows it's needed at Huntington. sometimes we just use anger to mask the fact that we don't really understand why we believe what we believe. and personal attacks are usually what we level when we don't have any rational arguments left at our disposal. you must be speaking truth if you got both in the same night.

take care.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Evan said...

As much as I might harp on about my issues, I couldn't imagine living in your world. You're trying to shine a light on how the world can be a better place--and you're in the tough position of being in a place where many of your peers are as divisive as many of my peers are (try defending your fellow students to some of the more ranty liberals right now...).
All I can say is, as hard as it can be sometimes, keep that light burning bright. It's a beautiful thing and don't let them snuff it.

At 2:19 PM, Blogger erica*ann said...

thanks --
this encouragement thing is good.


At 3:50 PM, Blogger Rayna said...

One very important thing is that if you are going to believe in something or have convictions then fight for them. If you do not, then there is no real point in believeing in anything. Good job for deffending youself, and don't let yourself become so downtrodden just because people don't agree. Every scientific theory now widely accepted was at first thought of as crazy.

The second very important thing is to remember not to fight so hard that you don't listen. If someone else is right, admit that you were wrong. Put aside what you once thought to be true, but do go on to defend when necessary, whatever the new thing was that you learned.

To me knowledge is like anything else that people do in life. It's like people who only remember to be nice and "christian" on Sundays. If you aren't going to commit to something and really commit to it, then why commit at all?

This was a long comment :S


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